300 Most Popular Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Have you recently welcomed a baby boy in your family? Congrats! Chances are, from the moment you first heard the news, you may have started daydreaming about what raising a little prince would really be like. Maybe, you’ve already started decorating his room in your mind and picked out all his future clothes. Or you’ve been busy imagining whether he’s going to inherit your smartness or your partner’s intelligence. But way before that thoughts of naming the little prince must have crossed your mind a million times.

No matter what, the name of your little prince must be perfect because he have to live with that for lifetime and also it must define how precious your baby boy is for you.

We at Being Mother will help you to choose the most popular baby boy names with their respective meanings, that will make the process a little easier.

So here we are listing 300 names that you can choose from for your prince.

Popular Indian Baby Boy Names With Meanings:

Being Mother brings you the widest of choices of names that are Most Popular Indian Names with their meanings that you can give to your baby prince. Below are the list of such names.

  1. Aarav: Peaceful And Wisdom
  2. Abdul: The Other Name Of Allah.
  3. Adit: It Means ‘From The Beginning’.
  4. Aditya: Means ‘Sun’ Or ‘Beginning’
  5. Adnan: The Name Adnan Means ‘Lion, Bravery
  6. Advik: Creativity
  7. Advaith: Unique, Free From Duality’
  8. Agastya: The Name Gautam Means ‘Wisest’.
  9. Anik: Strong
  10. Arjun: Honor, Bright And Courageous
  11. Arnav: Ocean
  12. Aryan: Means Noble
  13. Atharv: It Means ‘The First Veda’.
  14. Ayaan: ‘Good Luck’ And ‘Destiny’
  15. Bodhi: Enlightenment
  16. Chetan: The Gusto And Zest That A Person Brings Into Other’s Lives
  17. Darsh: It Is A Modern Variation Of Lord Krishna’s Name.
  18. Daksh: The name Daksh means ‘precious son’
  19. Dev: God
  20. Devansh: It Means ‘A Part Of God’.
  21. Eklavya: Eklavya Was A Loyal And Brave Student Of Dronacharya.
  22. Gautam: The Name Gautam Means ‘Wisest’.
  23. Hrithik: It Means ‘An Intelligent Person’
  24. Ishaan: It Means ‘The Sun’ And ‘Harbinger Of Riches’.
  25. Kabir: The Name Kabir Means ‘Great’.
  26. Karthik: It Means The ‘One Who Bestows Courage’.
  27. Kushal: It Means ‘Clever, Perfect’.
  28. Madhav Aditya: Of The Springtime
  29. Mehul: The Name Mehul Means ‘Rain’.
  30. Muhammad: The Praised One
  31. Nakul: It Is Another Name For Lord Shiva.
  32. Navin: The Name Navin Means ‘New’.
  33. Neil: Neil is a Variation Of The Name Neel, Meaning ‘Blue’.
  34. Om: Om Is A Sacred Syllable In Hinduism.
  35. Parth: It Means ‘Way’.
  36. Pranav: It Is The ‘Primordial Mantra’ For The Hindus.
  37. Pratyush: ‘Sunrise’
  38. Raahithya: The Name Spells Prosperity As It Means A Wealthy Man.
  39. Raghav: Descendant Of Raghu
  40. Rahul: ‘Efficient’
  41. Reyansh: A Ray Of Light
  42. Rudra: The Remover Of Pain
  43. Sabhya: The Name Means ‘Refined’.
  44. Shaurya:  Brave.
  45. Shivansh: Part Of Lord Shiva
  46. Tejas: Sharpness’.
  47. Vihaan: Dawn Or Beginning Of A New Era
  48. Vivaan : The First Rays Of The Sun
  49. Yash:  It Means ‘Fame’.
  50. Zayn: It Means ‘Bright’.

Indian Celebrity Baby Boy Names:

Celebrities are always the talk of the town and the media can never have enough of them. While most stars love to flaunt their little ones in public, some try to protect them. But try as they might to keep their babies away from the shutterbugs, one thing that puts them in the spotlight is their name.

  1. Aarin: Mountain Of Strength
  2. AbRam: High Father. Exalted father
  3. Arhaan: Ruler
  4. Aryan: Warrior, Honorable
  5. Ayaan: Someone Who Is Religiously Inclined, Gift Of God.
  6. Azad: Independent. Free
  7. Czar: Person With Dictatorial Powers
  8. Hrehaan: God’s Chosen One
  9. Hridhaan: Person With Big Heart
  10. Laksshyaa: Aim Or Destination Or Target
  11. Mikail: Name Of An Angel
  12. Nevaan: Holy
  13. Ryan: Little King
  14. Shahraan: Royal Knight Or A Warrior.
  15. Taimur: Brave Strong, A Famous King, Iron.
  16. Viaan: Full Of Life
  17. Viraaj: Sovereignty, Excellence Or Splendour
  18. Yug:  Era Within A Four-Age Cycle
  19. Zeke Zidaan: Shooting Star
  20. Ziddan: Abundance” “Growth

Indian Cricketers Baby Boy Names:

Cricket is a craze in India and so does people are crazy about the players as well. They follow their style, their hairstyles to everything they. So why not taking inspiration from them to keep your baby boy’s name as well.

  1. Anvay: Positive; Affirmative Or Nexus
  2. Arjun: White, Clear
  3. Arush: First Ray Of Sunlight
  4. Aryavir: Noble
  5. Mayas:  Memory Aid
  6. Samit:  Collected
  7. Sarvajit: Masculine
  8. Rohan: Healing, Medicine
  9. Vedant: Philosophy Or Ultimate Wisdom
  10. Zoravar: Powerful

Best Biblical Boy Names:

Are you looking for a Biblical name for your newborn? The Bible is a storehouse of meaningful, yet beautiful names. If you are a religious person, finding your son a name from the Bible is a logical choice.

  1. Andrew: A Strong Man
  2. Barak: Thunder
  3. Daniel: God Is My Judge
  4. Ebenezer: Rock Of Help
  5. Eliphaz: The Endeavor Of God
  6. Esau: He Who Acts
  7. Ezekiel: The Strength Of God
  8. Jairus: One Who Diffuses Light
  9. Jason: The One Who Cures’.
  10. Micah: Humble
  11. Matthias: The Gift Of The Lord
  12. Nahum: Comforter
  13. Nadab: Prince
  14. Omar: He That Speaks
  15. Obadiah: The Servant Of The Lord’.
  16. Othniel: The Lion Of God’.
  17. Phineas: The Face Of Trust Or Protection
  18. Shadrach: Tender
  19. Titus: Pleasing’ In Latin
  20. Tobiah: Lord Is Good
  21. Uriah: The Lord Is My Light Or Fire
  22. Zebedee: Abundant
  23. Elihu: He Is My God
  24. Emmanuel: God Is With Us
  25. Ethan: Strong
  26. Isaac: Laughter
  27. Peter: A Rock
  28. Reuben: He Who Sees The Son
  29. Saul: The One Who Is In Demand
  30. Shem: Renowned
  31. Abner: The Father Of Light
  32. Amaziah: The Strength Of God
  33. Aquila: An Eagle
  34. Asher: Happiness
  35. Baruch: Blessed
  36. Cain: Possession
  37. David: Well-Loved Or Dear
  38. Jeremiah: Exaltation Of The Lord
  39. Jesse: Gift Or Oblation
  40. Lemuel: God Is With Them Or Him
  41. Mark: Polite
  42. Malachi: My Messenger Or Angel’
  43. Michael: Humble
  44. Victor: Victory
  45. Zephaniah: He Lord Is My Secret
  46. Nathan: Rewarded
  47. Nehemiah: Repentance Of The Lord
  48. Noah: Consolation
  49. Silas: Third
  50. Farun: English Surname

Muslim Baby Boy Names With Meanings:

Finding an Islam name that fulfills all these qualities will not be easy. And it’s here that Being Mother will come to your aid. Below is our comprehensive collection of interesting and catchy Islamic baby names along with their meanings.

  1. Abbas: Lion
  2. Abbudin:  Worshippers
  3. Ansari: Supporter
  4. Ashraf: Most Noble. Superior.
  5. Asif: Forgiveness.
  6. Asim: Protector, Guardian, Defender
  7. Badri:  Means Lord Vishnu
  8. Bashir: The One Who Brings Good News
  9. Bilal: Companion Of Prophet Muhammad.
  10. Dabir: Teacher.
  11. Darwish: Sufi Holy Man
  12. Fahad:  Panther
  13. Fakhir:  Glory.
  14. Farhan: Merry. Happy
  15. Farook: The Redeemer
  16. Ghalib: Conqueror. Victor. Dominant.
  17. Habib: Beloved
  18. Hassan: Handsome
  19. Hatim: Determined, Decisive
  20. Haydar: Brave Like Lion
  21. Imtiyaz: Privilege Or Distinction Or Great king
  22. Iqbal: Luck
  23. Irfan: Thankfulness. Knowledge. Wisdom
  24. Jalal: Loftiness. Sublimity. Glory.
  25. Jafar: Spring or Rivulet:
  26. Jasim: One Who Is Of Good Health.
  27. Jawhar: Jewel.
  28. Kadeer: Almighty
  29. Kadir: God In Islam
  30. Kaliq: Creative.
  31. Kaniel:  The Lord Supports Me
  32. Karam: Kindness, Favor, Bounty, Clemency
  33. Karif:  Bom During Autumn.
  34. Kardal: Mustard Seed
  35. Latif:  Servant Of The Gentle
  36. Layth: Popularity.
  37. Mahjub: Invisible
  38. Majid: Magnificent
  39. Malik: King Of Kings
  40. Mazhar: Phenomenon. Manifestation.
  41. Nadim: The Companion Or The Friend And In Particular For Wine And Dine
  42. Nasib: Destiny
  43. Nasir: Helper” Or “One Who Gives Victory
  44. Osman: The Chosen One
  45. Qabil: Worthy, Able, Competent, Deserving, Clever
  46. Qadim:  Ancient. Antique.
  47. Qamar:  Envy Of The Moon
  48. Quasim:  One Who Helps People.
  49. Rafid: Support
  50. Rashad: Thinker; Counselor.
  51. Sabir: Patient
  52. Sahib: Friend
  53. Sahir:  Charming. Enchanting. Wakeful.
  54. Sajid: One Who Worships God
  55. Salman: Protector
  56. Sameer: Entertaining Companion
  57. Saif: Sword. Saber
  58. Talal: Admirable
  59. Talib: Seeker Of Truth
  60. Tamam: Generous
  61. Tamir: Owner Of Date Palm Trees
  62. Umar: Long- Lived
  63. Wajid: Smooth Land
  64. Yoonus: Dove
  65. Yusri: Wealthy
  66. Yusuf: To Increase In Power
  67. Zafar: The Triumphant One
  68. Zarif: Humorous
  69. Zimraan: Praise
  70. Zubayr: Strong And Powerful

Baby Boy Names That Mean Handsome:

For every parent, their son is the cutest and most handsome. And why wouldn’t he be? After all, he is a part of them! So don’t you think it’s your job to choose a handsome name for your  baby boy?

  1. Aayoush: Handsome, Good Looking
  2. Abhirath: Great Charioteer, Handsome
  3. Abhiroop: Handsome, Pleasant
  4. Aden: Handsome
  5. Baraj: Handsome
  6. Cavin: A Very Handsome Man
  7. Daniyal: Handsome Boy
  8. Ferrin: A Servant Who Is Most Handsome
  9. Granger: Handsome And Charming
  10. Gulam: Young And Handsome
  11. Hasaan: Handsome, Excellence
  12. Jamael: A Handsome Man
  13. Jaymar: Handsome
  14. Kanu: Handsome
  15. Kavin: Beautiful And Handsome
  16. Lavnish: Lord Of Beauty, Handsome And Attractive
  17. Luvya: Lovable, Appealing
  18. Manjuk: Very Handsome And Attractive
  19. Manjul: Attractive And Appealing
  20. Paris: Handsome Prince From Troy
  21. Prakul: Handsome, Charming
  22. Pulin: Good Looking And Handsome
  23. Rupesh: Handsome Lord Of Beauty
  24. Sabahat: Beautiful, Handsome Man
  25. Shafer: Handsome God Boy
  26. Shubhang: handsome
  27. Shakeel: Handsome good looking man
  28. Sukant: Handsome
  29. Suvesh: extremely handsome
  30. Wasim: honest, handsome, good looking

Baby Boy Names That Mean Intelligent:

Do you want your child to walk towards the path of success through intelligence by giving them a smart baby name? Go ahead, select your favorite baby name that means smart, intelligent, clever or genius from our list below!

  1. Adhinav: Intelligent, Innovative
  2. Arhab: Intelligent
  3. Charvik: Intelligent
  4. Fahim: Intelligent, beautiful
  5. Faris: Horseman, Knight, Intelligent
  6. Haaziq: Intelligent, skillful
  7. Hamiz: Intelligent, brilliant
  8. Kalap: The Moon, Intelligent, Collection, The tail of a peacock, Totality
  9. Karan: Karna, The firstborn of Kunti, Talented, Intelligent
  10. Kanv: Name of a saint, Skilful, Intelligent
  11. Mika: Cold, sweet and Intelligent
  12. Mudrik: Perceptive, Intelligent
  13. Najeeb: Of noble descent, Intelligent
  14. Pragnan: Intelligent
  15. Prajnan: Intelligent, wise and clever
  16. Shahbaz: Intelligent, Protected by Allah, Self confidence, Respectful
  17. Tejaswin: Lustrous, bright,intelligent, Brave, Powerful
  18. Vehant: Intelligent
  19. Zahin: Sagacious, Intelligent, Ingenious, Good pedigree
  20. Zakir: Rememberer of Allah, Intelligent

Baby Boy Names That Mean Strong:

You Want your baby boy to be strong and giving him name which tells him and reminds him that no matter what he is strong will help him throughout his life. So why not to choose the best and give him the best name you can to your strong and powerful hero.

  1. Avyam: Strong
  2. Balya: Powerful, Strong, Child Like, The Crescent Moon
  3. Bheem: Powerful, Strong, One Of Pandavas
  4. Biddu: Strong
  5. Ethan: Strong, Heaven, Long Lived, Strength, Solid
  6. Gajju: Strong, Elephant, Powerful
  7. Himat: Strong, Brave
  8. Dridh: Strong, Solid, Hard, Firm, Fixed, Steady, Resolute,
  9. Gaba: Strong Man Of God
  10. Arib: Brilliant, Intelligent, Clever, Strong, Better
  11. Gaja: Elephant, Strong, Powerful
  12. Kush:Son Of Lord Rama, Strong
  13. Sabu: Strong Loyal Person
  14. Sham: Strong Person, Lord Krishna, Darker Skin Tone, Evening
  15. Tosh: Strong Viking Soldier, Lord Shiva
  16. Viru: Brave, Strong
  17. Aavir: Brave, Brave Forever, One Who Fights For Peace, Strong, Continuous
  18. Arush: First Ray of Sun, Winner, Strong, Miracle
  19. Balin: Powerful, Strong, Mighty, Healthy, Energetic
  20. Hamza: Lion, Strong, Sour Leaves, Smart, Steadfast, Brave
  21. Jegan: Strong, A Name of Lord, Valued
  22. Kahal: Strong, Lord Shiva
  23. Kedar: A Raga, Powerful, A Pilgrimage at Himalayas
  24. Nived: Offering to God, Purity, Strong Active
  25. Mano: Energy of Mind, Born of the Mind, Genius, Power, Strong
  26. Mihal: Like a God, Capable, Strong
  27. Mikin: Strong
  28. Najaf: Strong
  29. Nihan: Beautiful, Strong, Handsome
  30. Parva: A Section; Portion, Festival, Strong, Occasion
  31. Peter: Modern, Beautiful, Rock; Stone, River, Strong
  32. Ricky: Ruler, Peaceful Ruler, Dominant Ruler, Brother
  33. Rikki:Strong Power, Healthy Power, Peaceful Ruler
  34. Riyam: Strong
  35. Ronit: Brilliant, Bright, Shining, Joy, Song
  36. Sagma: Powerful, Mighty, Strong, Rich, Successful
  37. Sahat: Strong
  38. Taksh: God Ganesha, Strong, Eyes Like a Pigeon
  39. Takul: Strong, Good Nature
  40. Vijay:Victory, Victorious, Strong
  41. Viran: Strong Hero
  42. Balbir: Strong, Courageous
  43. Baldev: Godlike in Power, Strong, The Mighty God
  44. Balraj: King, Mighty, Powerful, Strong
  45. Balvat: Powerful, Mighty, Strong, Dense, Thick, Prevailing
  46. Bharath: Candidate, India, Universal Monarch, Son of Shakuntala
  47. Yahu: Offspring, Strong
  48. Karthik: One who Bestows Happiness, Strong, Brave
  49. Mahabal: Very Strong
  50. Krishna: Lord Krishna, Intelligent, Strong, Love, Peace


Even though you may have thousands of choices to name your baby prince, but make sure the name must define who he is, the name must be powerful and strong because he is going to carry that name with him for the lifetime. The name will define his personality and will make him stand different from the crowd.

The name must be nice and simple name for baby boy that is easy to spell and pronounce. Nobody likes their name getting distorted, though this is a common problem faced by many! Always keep a name that feels nice to your little prince and he will feel proud of once he starts to speak. Hope this article on most popular baby boy names with meanings will help you choose the perfect name for your son. Happy naming for your little prince!


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