300 Unique & Beautiful Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Having a baby girl? Congrats! Chances are, from the moment you first heard the news, you may have started daydreaming about what raising a little girl would really be like. Maybe, you’ve already started decorating her room in your mind and picked out all her future outfits. Or you’ve been busy imagining whether she’s going to inherit your smartness or your partner’s big beautiful eyes. But way before that thoughts of naming the little angel must have crossed your mind a million times.  

No matter what, the name of your little angel must be perfect because she have to live with that for lifetime and also it must define how precious your baby girl is for you.

We at Being Mother will help you to choose the best baby girl name with their respective meanings, that will make the process a little easier.

So here we are listing 300 names that you can choose from for your angel.

Baby Names That Mean ‘Beautiful’ And ‘Pretty’:

You know you adore your child no matter what, and naming your baby girl of something which means pretty and beautiful is like telling her that how precious she is to you and no matter what your baby girl is a princess. The most beautiful one. Being Mother is bringing such names.

  1. Abigail: A Father’s Joy, Beautiful.
  2. Anshika: Minute Particle, Beautiful
  3. Aishwarya: Beautiful
  4. Bella: Beautiful
  5. Belinda: Pretty One, Very beautiful
  6. Bonita: Pretty
  7. Charul: Beautiful
  8. Donatella: A Beautiful Gift
  9. Daanya: Gift of God
  10. Ella: Beautiful fairy
  11. Erina: Beautiful Lady
  12. Ellen: Most Beautiful Woman
  13. Elijah: Beautiful, Smart, Sweet
  14. Fayre: Beautiful
  15. Guleen: The One With The Beautiful Smile
  16. Lowa: Beautiful Land
  17. Isa: Beautiful
  18. Jacintha: Beautiful
  19. Hanisa: Beautiful Night
  20. Jemima: Little Beautiful Dove.
  21. Kaamya: Beautiful, Lovable, Successful
  22. Kaytlyn: Smart, beautiful Young Child
  23. Keva: Beautiful Child
  24. Lillie: Purity, Beauty
  25. Linda: Pretty
  26. Lynne: Beautiful Waterfall
  27. Lucinda: Beautiful Light
  28. Mariam: Beautiful Woman, Flower, Beloved
  29. Mabel: My Beautiful One
  30. Meadow: Beautiful Field
  31. Orabelle: Beautiful Seacoast
  32. Rachel: Beautiful
  33. Rosaleen: Beautiful, Little Rose
  34. Tazanna: Beautiful Princess
  35. Yedda: Beautiful Voice

Baby Girl Names In Sanskrit:

Sanskrit is tough but in a a same way some words are very unique and cool. Even most of the english words are derived from ‘Sanskrit’. Giving your baby girl a sanskrit name would be very unique and beautiful. Here are some such names.

  1. Abha: Brightness
  2. Bhumi: Enlightenment And Supreme Knowledge
  3. Chetana: Full Of Spirit
  4. Devanshi: Divine
  5. Drisana: Daughter Of Sun
  6. Elakshi: A Woman With Bright Eyes
  7. Gunjitha: Humming Of The Bee
  8. Hiranya: Gold
  9. Hritika: Truthful
  10. Ila: Woman From Earth
  11. Karvi: Shining
  12. Lavanya: Gracefulness
  13. Mridula: Gentle
  14. Myra: Sweet
  15. Nitya: Perpetual

Names For Your Baby Girl Meaning ‘Moonlight’:

Moon is always been a symbol of love and naming your baby daughter after the name of ‘Moon’ symbolises your love towards. No matter what she will always bring light to your darkest days.

  1. Aadhira: Moon
  2. Ambily: The Moon
  3. Badriyah: Resembling The Full Moon
  4. Chandni: A River, Moonlight
  5. Chayana: The Moon
  6. Falguni: The Day Of Full Moon
  7. Gul-Mehtab: Moon Flower
  8. Indulekha: The Moon
  9. Jahanvi: The Moon
  10. Jyotsana: Moonlight

Names Meaning ‘Successful’:

Parents always wish for their baby’s success, they want their child to achieve whatever they wish for. Naming your baby girl something which means success will always remind her to achieve her life goals and will bring confidence in her.

  1. Faizia: A Successful Women
  2. Jaya: Victorious
  3. Neja: Success In Law
  4. Rameen: A Woman Of Great Success
  5. Yashica: Successful, Brave And Intelligent Lady.

Names meaning ‘Flower’ For Your Little Girl:

Flowers are Beautiful, Soft and Sensitive. Flowers bring color to the world and happiness in your life. Being Mother brings such names of flowers which you can give to your baby girl.

  1. Azalea: Flower
  2. Begonia: Commonly Found In Flower Gardens And Resemble Roses
  3. Camellia: Creamy, Fragrant Roses
  4. Daisy: White, Happy And Full Of Life
  5. Indigo: Deep Bluish Purple Dye That Is Jewel-Like In Tone And Depth.
  6. Flora: A Name That Means Flower In Just About Every Language.
  7. Petunia: Petunia Is Essentially The Name Of A Flower
  8. Rosemary: Dew Of The Sea.
  9. Saffron: Contrary To Popular Belief, The Saffron Flower Is Not Orange Or Yellow
  10. Zinnia: These Flowers Are Member Of Aster Family.

Baby Girl Names Meaning Romance:

Keeping romantic names for your baby girl is one way to tell her that she’s special and you love your daughter. She must feel beautiful regarding her name, she must feel like the protagonist of her life’s story.

  1. Anastasia: Supremely Elegant, Beautiful, And Romantic.
  2. Angelica: Angelic
  3. Ava: Well Loved
  4. Celestia: Heavenly
  5. Dorothea: Dorothea Is A Flowing And Romantic Name
  6. Lavinia: Screams Romance
  7. Roxanne: Beautifully Exotic And Romantic Name
  8. Scarlett: Epitome Of Romance
  9. Rose: Symbol Of Love And Romance
  10. Vida: Dearly Love

Names Based On Mythology:

Greek mythology is a body of stories concerning heroes, Gods, and the rituals of the ancient Greeks and forms a part of the religion in ancient Greece. The pantheon of Greek deities, heroes, Gods and other figures will give you plenty of inspiration as you look for some names for your baby.

  1. Aphrodite: Goddess Of Love
  2. 87. Brigid: Goddess Of Fire
  3. Camilla: Young Ceremonial Attendant
  4. Diana: Lovely Moon-Goddess
  5. Fauna: Fairies Who Protected Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty”
  6. Freya: Norse Goddess Of Love, Beauty And Fertility
  7. Hera: Queen Of The Greek gods
  8. Hestia: Greek Goddess Of The Heart, Home And Chastity
  9. Irene: Greek Goddess Of Peace
  10. Jaya: Exotic Name Of A Buddhist Goddess
  11. Padma: Alternate Name For The Goddess Lakshmi
  12. Pandora: Used By The British Gentry
  13. Phoebe: Mythological, Biblical, Shakespearean, And Salinger Name
  14. Rhea: Earth Mother Of All The Gods
  15. Venus: Roman Goddess Of Beauty and Love

Names Based On Musical notes:

Add a little harmony to your baby’s life with these names inspired by musical terms and instruments. We at Being Mother bring such names to you.

  1. Aria: Song For Voice And Accompaniment
  2. Celeste: Mall Keyboard Which Produces A Bell-Like Sound
  3. Aarohi: A Musical Tone. This Name Has Seen A Rebirth Recently.
  4. Punai: Achiever, Eastern
  5. Alvapriya: Music Lover
  6. Gunjan: Musical Sound
  7. Isaiarasi: Queen Of Music
  8. Prati: One Who Appreciates And Loves Music
  9. Lyra: Ancient Instrument Similar To A Harp
  10. Melody: Dominant Tune In A Piece Of Music

Obscure Girl Names:

Many names you probably have never heard of, most are “invented,” with no history, but are still beautiful and strong names. Here is the list of weird yet beautiful names for your Baby Girl.

  1. Aiza: Cousin Of Ada And Ava
  2. Adelia: Noble
  3. Annora: Noble
  4. Birdie: Bird
  5. Caia: To Rejoice
  6. Cicely: Blind
  7. Clio: Glory
  8. Cornelia: Horn
  9. Cyra: Sun Or Throne, Or Lord
  10. Dariela: Dear One, Beloved
  11. Dolly: A Child’s Word For A Doll
  12. Domenica: Belonging To The Lord
  13. Electra: Shining, Bright
  14. Eleonora: Feminine
  15. Faye: Fairy
  16. Finola:F White Shoulders
  17. Franny: From France Or Free Man
  18. Gracia: Spanish Variation Of Grace
  19. Henrietta: Estate Ruler
  20. Honora: Woman Of Honor
  21. Jacinta: Spanish For Greek Flower Name
  22. Lenore: Meaning Unknown
  23. Leonie: Lion
  24. Lux: Light
  25. Marlin:  Long Fish With A Pointed Top Jaw
  26. Maryana: Saint
  27. Noely: Christmas
  28. Octavia: Eighth
  29. Olympia: From Mount Olympus
  30. Petal: Greek Word And Flower Name
  31. Quincy: Born Fifth
  32. Rafaella: God Has Healed
  33. Saskia: Saxon
  34. Spring: The Season After Winter And Before Summer
  35. Tansy: Immortality
  36. Tessie: To Reap, Gather
  37. Tulip: Turkish Flower Name
  38. Trixie: She Who Brings Happiness
  39. Verena: Integrity
  40. Zora: Dawn

Indian Baby Girl Names:

India is remarkable for a lot of reasons, one of which is the fact that it contains so many cultures-within-a-culture. In many Indian cultures, naming schemes are based on the astrological sign the cute little baby happens to land on. Here are some beautiful ideas for Indian baby names that are truly meaningful.

  1. Aahna: Exist
  2. Aesha: Wish
  3. Amara: Eternal
  4. Ananya: Unique
  5. Charu: Attractive
  6. Damini: Lightning
  7. Devya: Divine power
  8. Esha: Desire
  9. Fulki: Spark
  10. Gazala: Deer
  11. Haima: Snow
  12. Hiya: Happiness
  13. Ishita: Wealth
  14. Izna: Light
  15. Jenya: True
  16. Jana: People
  17. Kaia: Stable
  18. 168. Kashvi: Shining
  19. Keerthi: Fame
  20. Keya: Flower
  21. Laasya: Dance
  22. Laranya: Graceful
  23. Mahika: Dew
  24. Mehar: Grace
  25. Mirai: Miracle
  26. Nadia: Beginning
  27. Naitee: Destiny
  28. Omala: Earth
  29. Oviya: Artist
  30. Prisha: Beloved
  31. Quasar: Meteor
  32. Ramya: Delightful
  33. Rina: Gem
  34. Ruhi: Soul
  35. Sahana: Patience
  36. Shefali: Flower
  37. Suvarna: Golden
  38. Suhanisa: Enlightenment
  39. Taahira: Modest
  40. Trayi: Intellect
  41. Tuhina: Snow
  42. Urja: Energy
  43. Vahini: Flowing
  44. Viti: Light
  45. Vilina: Dedicated
  46. Zahira: Shining
  47. Zaina: Beautiful
  48. Pallavi: New Leaves
  49. Udaya: Dawn
  50. Naina: Eyes

Popular Bollywood Celebrity Baby Names:

Celebrities are always the talk of the town and the media can never have enough of them. While most stars love to flaunt their little ones in public, some try to protect them. But try as they might to keep their babies away from the shutterbugs, one thing that puts them in the spotlight is their name.

  1. Saira: Princess
  2. Nysa: Goal
  3. Iqra: To Read
  4. Samaira: God’s Chosen One
  5. Nitara: Having Deep Roots
  6. Rasha: Beauty, Grace
  7. 207. Renee: Reborn Or Born Again
  8. Imara: Strong, Resolute
  9. Rahyl: Means A Traveller
  10. Inaaya: Concern, Solicitude

Some Interesting Muslim Names For Your Baby Girl:

Islamic Baby Names are some of the traditional and conventional baby names around the globe with a multitude of name variations & meanings. Find Muslim Unique girls names with English meanings starting with A to Z.

  1. Aasma: Excellent
  2. Adara: Virgin
  3. Afra: Color Of Earth
  4. Aziza: Powerful And Bold
  5. Benazir: Incomparable Or Matchless
  6. Daisha: Alive
  7. Falak: Sky Is Full Light And Is Beautiful
  8. Fatima: Captivating
  9. Hidaya: Instructions Or Guidance
  10. Jazmin: Jasmine Flower
  11. Mahra: Mahra Means ‘Filly’. 
  12. Nazia: A Woman Of Whom You Can Be Proud
  13. Noushin: Sweet
  14. Rabia: Breeze
  15. Rihanna: Sweet Basil
  16. Sadiya: Luck Or Fortunate
  17. Shakira: Woman Of Grace
  18. Tahira: Pure And Chaste
  19. Zaina: Beauty And Grace

Some Beautiful Hindu Names For Girls:

Choosing an Indian name for your baby can be challenging as every name seems beautiful, rich, stylish, and has a significant meaning. Here are some Hindu names that you can give your baby girl.

  1. Akuti: Princess
  2. Adrika: Celestial
  3. Alisha: Protected By God
  4. Abhilasha: Ambition Or Desire
  5. Aashirya: From The Land Of God
  6. Aashi: Smile
  7. Amolika: Priceless
  8. Anahita: Graceful
  9.  Amodini: Joyful
  10. Angarika: A Flame Coloured Flower Named Palash.
  11. Abha: Lustrous Beauty
  12. Anura: Knowledgeable
  13. Dakshi: The Glorious
  14. Elakshi: A Woman With Intelligent Eyes
  15. Anika: Goddess Durga

Some Classic Names That Remain Evergreen:

If you don’t want to take a risk with your choice of name for your baby but still want to ensure it makes an impact, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of top 10 ‘exotic’ yet evergreen Indian names that you can consider for your baby.

  1. Hazel: Refers To The Hazel Tree
  2. Faye: Loyalty And Belief
  3. Eleanor: Shining Light Or Sun Rays
  4. Della: Noble
  5. Clara Or Claire: Famous And Brilliant
  6. Amelia: Industrious, Striving
  7. Anne: A Hebrew Name Meaning ‘Favoured Grace’
  8. Evelyn: This Name Has A Norman Origin And Is Sourced From An English Surname.
  9. Emma: It Means Universal
  10. Cora: Brave, Adorable And Beautiful

Names Based On Virtue:

Virtue names originated with the Puritans, who, along with today’s standards like Faith and Hope, used such interesting names as Fear, Flee-Fornication and Obedience. Here are some more virtues and concepts you could use.

  1. Amity: Friendly
  2. Bina: Knowledge, Understanding
  3. Faith: Trust, Belief
  4. Mercy: Merciful
  5. Namya: Worthy Of Honor
  6. Omna: A Virtuous Woman
  7. Peace: Tranquil
  8. Priti: Love
  9. Trinity: Three In One

Edgy Baby Girl Names:

So you’re having a modern baby. Why not go with an edgy, Indian baby name? Take a look beyond the classics, and you might find yourself fall in love with a baby names with a trendy urban beat.

  1. Aarthi: Way Of Offering Prayer To God
  2. Aastha: Faith, Hope, Regard, Support
  3. Aksha: Faith, Hope, Regard, Support
  4. Anchita: Honored, Worshipped
  5. Archana: Worship, Respected
  6. Bharvi: Holy Basil Plant
  7. Devanshi: Divine, Part Of God
  8. Ditvi: Divine God
  9. Divya: Divine Lover
  10. Dua: Prayer
  11. Fazeela: Faith
  12. Gurbani: Sikhs Religious Prayer
  13. Hirah: Named After The Mountain
  14. Hirva: One Of The Four Vedas
  15. Ibadat: Worship
  16. Imaan: Faith, Creed, Honesty
  17. Kashi: Devotional Place
  18. Kerani: Sacred Bells
  19. Mavisha: Blessing Of Life
  20. Minati: Prayer
  21. Nakia: Pure
  22. Nimat: Blessings, Loans
  23. Paawni: Purifier
  24. Parsha: Pious, Pure And Chaste
  25. Prayerna: Worship
  26. Ravya: Story Teller
  27. Ruhin: Spiritual, Sacred
  28. Samidha: Offering For A Sacred Fire
  29. Sharvi: Divine
  30. Stuvi: Worship
  31. Suhanya: Holy Girl
  32. Turya: Spiritual Power
  33. Vyansi: Part Of Divine Power
  34. Yajna: Worship
  35. Vinanti: Prayer
  36. Yagnitha: Worship.

Even though you may have thousands of choices to name your baby girl, but make sure the name must define who she is, the name must be beautiful because she is going to carry that name with her for the lifetime. The name will define her personality and will make her stand different from the crowd.

The name must be nice and simple beautiful name for baby girl that is easy to spell and pronounce. Nobody likes their name getting distorted, though this is a common problem faced by many!

Always keep a name that feels nice to your little girl and she will feel proud of once she starts to speak. Hope this article on unique baby girl names with meanings will help you choose the perfect name for your daughter. Happy naming for your baby girl!



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